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For those who are so bold as to pursue one, here are some handy tips for the rollercoaster ride of dating an artist: In the art world, one scrambles to make sense of a marketplace where no external rules of engagement are applicable or even considered.The chance of being a profitable artist is incredibly slim (understatement), therefore many artists spend long days in the studio producing work or out at an opening making contacts.

“Professional artists are like professionals in any other field, and they deserve to be taken seriously,” Huff said. I think artists are still responsible for taking care of their relationships, but people should understand art is just as serious of a career as any other career.” Mac Leod added to that, stating that just because some artists go on binges where they spend days immersed in their work, this doesn’t mean they aren’t committed to their personal relationships as well.

“The variety of artists is just as much as the variety of people,” said Huff, who’s been married to another actress for 12 years.

“You can’t just take those 20,000 people and put them in a box.” When you have a big goal to accomplish at work, don’t you throw yourself into it to get it done?

Cities world wide are teeming with sexy, sexy artists.

Think about it: wouldn’t it be brilliant to wake up next to a woman, watch her roll out of bed, light up a French brand cigarette, and paint in the nude? Plus: 18 Pros And Cons Of Dating Someone In Theater While the probability of living out this scenario is about as likely as being punched in the face by a unicorn, the allure of the artist remains.

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