Insane clown posse the dating game music video

Oh shit Juggalos…prepare to get your wig peeled back!

(Violent J) I shook the hand of Satan wit' a cross in my palm Burnt all the flesh all the way up his arm I wasn't scared I was giddy to do it Then I lopped his head off and threw it IN YO' FACE!(Violent J) Some scream juggalo only when it's convenient And no they don't mean it We sick of being lenient Step yo' ass back before the hatchet attacks And you catch a few hacks from the axe IN YO' FACE! We got you covered homie Something exclusive for you IN YO FACE!(Shaggy 2 Dope) I crawl like a tarantula on my toes and thumbs Born to the carnies gypsies and bums I spit my raps in tongues Over voodoo drums Bitch wicked shit this way comes IN YO' FACE! (Violent J) I was fuckin' this slut up in her dirty ass Threw the rubber out the window as we drove past Funny thing I ain't see you standin' on the grass And it fuckin' stuck to your mustache IN YO' FACE!(Shaggy 2 Dope) Smash through the glass as the fireworks blast Shaggy the clown here to murda some ass I be the strangala!known coast to coast And I turn any thug into a ghost IN YO' FACE!

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