Paula abdul dating american idol contestant

The judges were on their feet before her she even finished performing her new single, "Lose to Win." As for the remaining contestants – Candice, Kree, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb – they are all strong competitors.While Candice will probably reign supreme, it's truly anyone's game.The Globe says “[Abdul] told [Clark] she wanted to look out for him and be his ‘special friend.’ But he claims she warned him that he couldn’t tell anyone or she’d make things very hard for him, cautioning, ‘Don’t screw me or you’ll be sorry.'” Corey “reportedly is claiming that he had sex with Abdul in the guest room of her house, that she paid some of his expenses and promised to fund his career to the tune of million, and that she made him vow to keep their relationship a secret,” Walls reports.The Globe also says that Corey heard that Justin Guarini “bragged about having an affair with Paula,” which Guarini’s people deny.The news that Paula Abdul is returning to television — as a judge on Season 12 of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” — is good news for her fans.It’s also good news for those of us who’ve missed Abdul’s weird, wacky and often unpredictable behavior during her eight-year run on “American Idol,” which ended in 2009.that's like a bridge." After the crestfallen hopeful left the audition room, Cowell joked: "How did she get through the metal detector? She didnt go there for looks, she went there for vocals.It must have gone crazy."Her niece, Sonja Mc Intyre, told US breakfast show Good Morning America: "Paula reacted pretty much the way anyone would react. She went there to sing."The programme also featured an interview with psychologist Dr Bethany Marshall, who said: "She may have felt that her life as she knew it was over, simply because she was criticised on this show. If you have a personality disordered, fragile, vulnerable contestant who is very sensitive to criticism, and you put the image of them being criticised on You Tube...

They cannot handle it."Cowell and Fox, the network which airs American Idol, declined to comment.“Extra” caught up with former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul and former executive producer Nigel Lythgoe to find out what they thought about the show’s cancellation.Abdul, who will join “So You Think You Can Dance” as a judge this summer, recalled her days on the show.Paula rocked a form fitting pink dress as she performed a tricky dance routine with several background dancers.The daring artist moved to a video screen to act out her famous video Opposites Attract with the animated cat character MC Skat Cat.

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