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Allegations of ISIS using citizens as human shields is not far from the realm of possibility as the terrorist group has used human shields before on several occasions.

So long as ISIS exists, its acts of terrorism will remain unfailingly grotesque to the civilized world.

I wish I had known what I know now, when I first got prescribed ADHD meds.

I'm starting this thread to inform others so they can take steps to protect themselves from the harmful effects of amphetamine.

The mid-January wrap date is a little past the "late December/early January" that Smith originally announced, but it's possible Depp's stuff for MORTDECAI was finished earlier. One of TUSK's production companies, Demarest Films, has done three films featuring Amber Heard (PARANOIA, MACHETE KILLS, and the upcoming LONDON FIELDS which also features Depp). If Depp is confirmed to be featured in a prominent supporting role in this film, that means it has a huge marketing secret weapon that Smith has been very slick about keeping under wraps.

A Kevin Smith horror-comedy hybrid about a psycho with a walrus obsession featuring Justin Long, Michael Parks, and Haley Joel Osment is one thing.

Add Johnny Depp as the investigator assigned with hunting down said psycho, and it becomes another thing entirely.

Something that's all but assured to make it to at least a few hundred theaters based on name value alone (and perhaps a thousand or so more if Smith's got a particularly awesome gem on his hands).

This is the main part of this article since most of the damage caused by amphetamines boils down to free radical damage. Antioxidants protect cells in the body by neutralizing toxic free radicals.

The theory about why amphetamine causes neurotoxicity is that dopamine is supposedly a relatively reactive molecule.

It gets auto-oxidised into a reactive metabolite which then causes oxidative damage to the pre synaptic terminals of dopaminergic neurons.

Unlike Parkinsons disease, the dopamine cell bodies don't actually die, but without the terminals, they can no longer release dopamine.

Whether this is true or not, theres no harm in taking preventative measures.

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