Who is luther vandross dating

I felt he’d found my letters and read each one out loud.” Such subtlety — some would say “evasiveness” — was consistent with Vandross’s general approach: “I’m more into poetry and metaphor, and I would much rather imply something rather than to blatantly state it,” he once told a reporter.

The famed R&B singer, who died last week at 54, zealously declined to discuss his personal life, telling reporters that it was “none of your damn business.” Indeed, when his biographer Craig Seymour tried repeatedly to broach the subject of his sexuality, the singer told him, “You’re trying to zero in on something that you are never ever gonna get…. You ain’t never gonna land.” Well, I’m just going to come out and say it. Not that I’ve ever slept with him, or even know him personally.Did any entertainer have a voice as silky-smooth as the late Luther Vandross?The singer who died at age 54 in 2005 of complications following a stroke, had few, if any peers in the recording studio and concert stage.While many people believe that he is openly gay, in an interview he claims that he could care less what people think of his sexuality.Well, at least he stands out now.“That’s nobody’s business.

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